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Contact: Martynas Birmantas
Phone: +370-5-2163530
Location: Vilnius Lithuania
B.G.M. Ltd (BGM) was founded in 1991. Company specializes in High Performace Computing (HPC) and Information Technology (IT) server infrastructure solutions, also keeping focus on biometric identification and digital forensic data solutions. For Science / Industry/ Business computational tasks: - HPC systems design, install, service; - HPC software instalation, tunning; - HPC caclulations in the cloud (CC – cloud computing). For Police / Law Enforcement institutions: - Automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS); - Digital forensic data examination and analysis solutions. For Business / Public sectors: - Highly availabable server systems, clusters, storage systems, virtualization solutions - design, integration, installation, service; - IT infrastructure solutions for SMB and Enterprise. BGM partnerships with: - World wide IT vendors (SGI, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, etc) - Leader in biometric identification industry (3M Cogent) - Digital forensic industry vendors BGM is ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.
M.K.Ciurlionio 17 Vilnius, 03104 Lithuania
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