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Proact Czech Republic, s.r.o.

Contact: Roman Rusnok
Phone: 42 02 720 72600
Location: Prague Czech Republic
Proact shall be the leading independent storage integrator in Northern Europe always refine the services it offers in order to ensure supreme value for clients maintain a presence close to the clients and industries we focus on be perceived as creative and efficient Specialist Proact combines a specialist knowledge of storage and archiving with an in-depth knowledge of ambient systems and solutions. This combination is the key to success for an integrator such as Proact. Focusing on specific industries Focusing on specific industries creates a better understanding of the challenges faced by clients and permits Proact to offer the right solutions with ease. This constitutes the foundation for increasing our client base and generating growth
Brtnicka 1486/2 Prague, 101 38 Czech Republic
Proact Czech Republic, s.r.o.,, 42 02 720 72600
Branch Location
Brtnická 1486/2 Prague, 101 38 Czech Republic
Martin Skala,, +420 272 072 600